Tuesday 15 November 2016

The Asperger Child

I was trying yet again to get rid of a load of horrific clutter in my horrifically cluttered flat, when I found various notebooks that I have kept haphazardly at various times in various places.

Most of them are comparitively recent and full of various scrawls; the book of holidays, which is red, and the book of moon-a-mucks, which is brown, and horror and prose and thankfully no bad poetry whatsoever.

What I also came across was a very 80s design A4 notebook, which I was using in about 1987.

This was the book of planetary geology and economics, of flying saucer sightings, interstellar space craft design and a navy belonging to a nation and history that never existed.

These are all my designs. My stories, the external expression of what went on in my head and what still does, endless design of aircraft and navies and cricket teams and all sorts.

I had no idea back then, but thanks to reading Oliver Sacks I have since discovered that this is very much a trait of Asperger Syndrome, as is the obsessive bowling of tennis balls against trees while commentating on it in Richie Benaud voices. Which I've greatly enjoyed doing since 1980 and never will stop doing.

Tourettes and Aspergers do often run together, their spectrums ribbon around each other like friendly snakes, and both share OCD and ADHD co-morbids. What I am, and which bit of all this does what, is very unclear to me and doesn't matter anyway.

So here it all is, the created universe of Si!

All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.11.16


  1. Fascinating. I like the star ships.

    Venus I've heard mentioned lately. There is apparently an idea being floated, no pun intended, that humans could sometime in the future live balloon like structures in a certain layer of the atmosphere.

    I wonder where my old books are where in which I designed green cities over 50 years ago. Wherever they are they is where they will remain, I've enough clutter around here as it is.

    1. That's an interesting idea, wondering how the structures would deal with the sulphuric acid lurking around up there

  2. How interesting Si. I have a grandson who is mildly Aspergers and, in spite of having an MSc in Maths, a qualification in Mandarin Chinese, A teaching certificate and a TFL certificate, still can't get a job in teaching. It is very frustrating for him but he doesn't give in.

  3. "... ribbon around each other like friendly snakes ..." A wonderfully evocative phrase. I enjoy what you do with words and images.

  4. Thanks, it's an odd collection of things that book!

  5. I love starship, but all of them built for wars??????