Saturday 26 November 2016

Astronomy Funs

I really have neglected my astronomy this year, I keep saying that I know, but I've been so tired and my eyes so wobbly that late night observing sessions have really not happened.

So, recently, I've been trying to get a few more in, post midnight, in the quiet time that I love, hiding from the streetlights up my dark drive, taking in what beauty I can in the diamond pin cushion over my head.

At the moment, it is all about the winter constellations, with Orion standing shield and club raised athwart the southern sky. I took in his nebula in all its green glowing glory in my 10x50s, before taking in the star fields to his left and above his shoulder, the milky way constellation of Monoceros, the celestial unicorn.

Sadly there was a little bit of haze around, so I wasn't getting super amazing views. But they were good enough. The beehive cluster in Cancer as ever looked really good in binoculars...the seven sisters were a display from a jewellery shop.

Above my head, Perseus wielded the head of Medusa, and Kemble's Cascade tumbled down the borders of Cassiopeia.

The silence was wonderful. The freexing cold less so.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.11.16


  1. Looks like you've the inner and outer man warmth sussed out.

  2. Yes Si, we have noticed that there has not been a very clear, very bright starry night for a long time - always a haze.

  3. One year I bought a telescope in a jumble sale but I couldn't master it so I gave it to my neighbour's kids. The days of fog are over for a while so I plan to look at the night sky. Finding the pole star and a hot cocoa is verging on my limit. I used to let Patrick Moore do all the hard work for me on TV. It was better than the real thing . . . in the days before Hubble.

  4. THere is a lot of satisfacton in spoting faint objects, I just love being outside too. THanks for your comments folks!

  5. Staring at the sky, and the can of cider.

  6. You look well wrapped up for the cold - freezing here last night and today. You can't beat sky watching - the immenseness and beauty of it all :)