Saturday 12 November 2016

The Mist Rises from the Waters

Some eerie views tonight as I headed out running late afternoon as the sun set, and around the two lakes mist rose from the water. I listened to some great stuff on Radio 4, including an interview with the artist Marina Abramovic, who's first meeting with an ex lover  - after 30 years - during the performance "A Minute with the Artist" is a very powerful watch on youtube.

Me, I find sitting still an ordeal, especially during a meal last night with our little work cohort where one of the attendees was so punchably loud and annoying it was unbearable. 

I don't know what degrees of roughness there are after "dog" but she was way beyond that. 

It left me so tired today my planned Shire Brook adventure was cancelled, will try again omorrow. But, I got some atmospheric shots and met a friendly cat, so hooray for that. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 12.11.16


  1. some very nice waterscapes, very moody

  2. 2,3,4 are reely eerie - they reflect the mood veree well . . .

    I've pit on double layers of everything for this morning's run. Sunny, frosty, and bitter cold.

  3. Beautiful atmospheric shots, water and mist are the perfect combo. I saw some beautiful views of mist along a river the other day. I was so tempted to pull over and sit and watch instead of going to work.

  4. THank you! Been a very different sort of day today, gloriously bright and plaeant in the sun, you'll see more of that later

  5. The land's starting to look cold isn't it?

  6. Lovely photos of the mist on the water and sweet looking cat!