Sunday 27 November 2016

Some Sights by Dusk

I have chosen to have two twilight runs in the past couple of days, by choice obviously, and not just because I just couldn't get my shit together in time to get out there running before the sun began to set.

Today was better than yesterday, in that regard. I ran 8km yesterday, on a very grey evening where there was no sunset to be seen, while today the sky was clearer and lighter and I did a very satisfying 11.5km.

In either event, they were both extremely nice runs, in cool but not cold conditions. THere hasn't been a whole lot to see nature wise, no winter ducks or thrushes around, but highland calves, and a lovely view of sugar beet harvesting were.



All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.11.16


  1. And of course Highland calves will probably stay out all winter - they are toughies.

  2. THey have no choice at that little urban farm!

  3. Good to hear the running is going well. Some fieldfares and Lapwings about here :o)

  4. Now that cold weather has really hit us I'd expect to see more winter thrushes about.

  5. Lovely dusk scenes here Si, I love that last photo and the cow is very cute too. There's something magical about going outside come dusk. - Tasha

  6. nice series of photos, i like the cow with the glowing eyes!