Tuesday 8 November 2016

Squirrels in the Churchyard

Yesterday, I did a little tour round the church gardens, away from the library the other main party ground for those inflicted with addiction and not really a part of the world where I spend very much time.

But yesterday it was quiet and bright, and the only sign of bad behaviour was by the local squirrels, of which there were at least 7 careering around under the evergreen trees feeding off something or other.

Whatever that was, it was worth fighting over, as a couple of these quicksilver warriors decided to have a testosterone contest over a patch of fallen leaves identical to all the others around the tree.

It was a short lived contest; the loser being quickly chased up a less prizeworthy silver birch on the edge of the park. Meanwhile other squirrels busied themselves with their own rummaging, every so often coming up trumps with some sort of morsel to nibble on before engaging in some rather pointless looking tree-running-up-and-down.

No less pointless than me running 13km in the afternoon I suppose. The spirits sleeping along the edge of the churchyard have more sense.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 08.11.16


  1. Lovely set of photos Simon. It is always fun to watch the antics of squirrels.

  2. Seeing that chimney reminds me how much I miss seeing Fred Dibnah on TV.

  3. I don't think he'd have too much of a problem with it John, it's not tall at all. I love the design of it though, always have.

  4. What a handsome church you have!
    It's so much fun to try to follow what the squirrels are up to. We have two of them visiting our bird feeder and when they are chasing each other, faster than my eyes can follow, I don't know if it's for fun or something more serious.
    Happy little squirrels, they don't know what's going on in the world... :)

  5. Always a pleasure to read your running exploits. Yesterday I had run alongside the red squirrels in the park as they peeped cheekily from behind the trees and then scampered up and away. If I stopped, they stopped. If I moved, they moved. This afternoon I tried my head torch. I have to get used to it as we have a night race planned for January.

  6. Red squirrels are a rarity here now, alas, found only in sparse parts of the UK. I've been cycling with my head-lap, but not running yet. I'd like to try as a sort of micro adventure thing.

    1. I just read the tragic news about two promising athletes, two young girls out running being killed by a drunken soldier in a car near Aldershot. Terrible thing. I don't know if it was dark as the photo of the scene suggests. We must all wear reflective clothing and whatever it takes to make ourselves visible. At this of year car windscreens smear with grease from leaves and diesel, wipers can make it worse, so drivers also have a hard job of it.