Thursday 3 November 2016

Taking my Tights for a Spin

Finally got to go out running and test out some of my new budget Decathlon running gear, specifically the tights and the gloves.

Now I'm not used to running tights, and even though these are a large size, they took a lot of getting on over my big cyclist's calves and thighs. But when I did they were perfectly comfortable on my 34 and a bit inch waist...with slight overhang...

The gloves were a different matter. I have small hands, so went for a medium, but this turned out to be a shade small on my right hand...I must have appendages like the poor fellow out of The Quatermass Experiment. Should have gone size up for these.

However, outside doing 6km tonight on a chilly night - if not frosty yet - with a bit of a breeze, even these thin gloves kept my hands warm. The tights too were fine, offering good support I felt, and nice and warm and not restrictive at all once the slightly unusual feeling of having such snugly covered legs was overcome.

It was a nice try out of what is barely £10 worth of gear, but we will see how we go on a freezing Parkrun morning!

Assuming I get out of bed for that.



  1. Another consideration on cost effectiveness will be how long they last.

  2. Good luck with the new gear. I remember the original Ron Hill running shoes which were a fraction of the price of branded names. They came without baubles, bangles and beads. I haven't seen them for years. I should have bought a dozen pairs. When it's really cold I wear long shorts over my tights.

  3. You should definitely get up for parkrun ;o). I might try some of their gloves. Need a new pair.

  4. I have £13 Decathlon trail runners, have only just worn through over my big toe, which I normally do in about 3 weeks!

  5. I admire your tenacity Si. By the way, nice pair of legs there!

  6. Thank you Pat, at least someone thinks so!