Tuesday 1 November 2016

Decathlon Goodies Have Arrived

...and not before time. The weather has decided to be cold, and getting colder. And I don't have any thermal baselayers that aren't completely and utterly horrible, and I don't have any wet weather trousers, and I need running leggings for winter no matter how unmasculine they are...and my Tresspass rucksack fell apart after just over a year.

So, not being keen on the quality of Sports Direct stuff, I decided I'd use Decathlon to purchase microbudget kit for microadventures, or indeed start to. I'm not brave enough to get the sleeping bag and large rucksack yet.

So, I've started off with the £2.49 Arpenaz 10 litre one, which seems to be made of rather better material than my Tresspass one and will be handy for my trips of my bike to nature reserves. There's some new running gloves, which will also act as liners for my proper big gloves on super cold days; some manly as anything running tights, and my pride and joy - wet weather trousers to enable me to survive wet rides in without shivering to death all day when I arrive.

This collection of gear set me back £31 plus £4 delivery. Testing out of the baselayer will be in the morning, a the first frosts arrive, and then we will see about doing some cold weather running tomorrow night.

I have not been given this stuff by Decathlon. But I'm hoping that if I mention them a little bit, they might lob me something to review! I'm over the 100,000! I have readers! Come on, let me have a freebie.

I'm shameless I tell you, shameless.


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  1. I've got some of their kit. Some is great, some less so. Be interested in how you get on with it.

  2. Their £13 trail running shoes have been great, only just starting to wear through at the top of the toes.

  3. I hope that the free advertising pays off for you, and that what you bought was a good investment.

  4. What a great blog. I shall immediately link.

    I have mostly Pro-Touch which I'm very happy with, but yesterday I wore my Saucony running jacket as I was in the mountains (you can see it at my zen my ass blog if you like). There's also a short interview with a genius about making a universe out of nothing.

  5. Those prices seem quite reasonable.

  6. Well I thought I'd have a try lol, I doubt Decathlon would notice a blog as small as this! Actually it was good to write about something different, my new shift patterns mean I don't have so much chance to be outside in winter.