Friday 30 September 2016

At the Window

I've just been for a late evening run, not something I've done in the dark for a while, but with autumn closing in and my stomach being very very bloaty - at the moment I don't seem to be able to eat anything without blowing up like a balloon, I figured I needed to get out there and do a brisk 6km, get the legs a little looser for Parkrun tomorrow as well.

It was a smooth, quiet, cool run, with town thankfully a bit less idiot ridden than you'd expect for town on a Friday night, apart from a coupl of chubby teenage girls in filthy onesies who took the mick as I ran by.

Like they can run anywhere!

Got back to find this character trying to catch midges in the light outside the window.

I've had an odd sort of day, running a stall at work for McMillan coffee and cakes morning; I'm sure many of you have ended up at such an event today. I'm not exactly Mr Sociable when it comes to this sort of thing; luckily Polish Agnes was there with her charmingly off English - "Would you like some Victorian Sandwiches" - and similar phrases.

She had contributed an oddity I'd never come across before; a watermelon cake. This was essentially a very large watermelon cut in half, shaped into a sort of domed cake shape, then coated with cream and fruit. Looked very impressive when you cut into it.

Seeing as watermelon doesn't bake very well, much debate on whether it was a cake or not. I think not, dear Agnes, I think not.

Anyway, I got into it in the end, and I think we took £150. I was then given the first collected sponsor money from the bike ride I organised - £227.

My good deeds this week ought to be doing my karma a favour.



  1. Eek! That cat looks scary!

    Café Polski?

  2. It certainly was, I had two Polish colleagues working with me most of the day