Friday 9 September 2016

The Bathley Swallow

"The Bathley Swallow" would be a great name for a pub, I reckon. Unfotunately the pub at Bathley is called "The Crown" and that's where I came across this young swallow steeling itself for making its first migration South.

If were it, I'd have been having a quick tot of rum at the pub, but this bird had more important things to do, like feeding itself up on insects like all its hirundine friends in the village were. It was obviously just having a rest.

I took these pictures a few days ago, I wonder where it is now?


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.09.16


  1. We've still got them here but it won't be long now. An Osprey turned up locally this week.

  2. Where is it now? Somewhere a good deal drier than here I would hope; not many insects on the wing on such a rainy day as this.

  3. Brilliant. I've never managed a decent photo of a Swallow.

  4. Beautiful birds. I always feel a tad melancholy when they leave our shores.

  5. Thank you all, those pics still came out looking very soft even at fast shuter speed. Poor light didn't help I guess.