Saturday 24 September 2016

The Return to Parkrun

It's a very long time since I dragged myself out of bed for the 9am Sconce Park Parkrun, May last year I think. Cricket, and the associated injuries, got in the way; I've never been able to run as quickly since I tore groin muscles in virtually my first cricket match!

But now, with the season over and needing some sort of focus for my cricket-free weekends, I made a decision to head there this morning. You know, I kind of took pride in being out of bed for exercise at 9 in the morning on a Saturday, and also the hustle and bustle in the park at that time, the colourful runners - all our local clubs seem to wear neon kit! - charging about warming up and stretching, the excitement of taking part in a timed race.

What I remembered I hadn't missed as soon as I started, was the running itself. I always run harder in race conditions, and after about 200 metres and the uphill past the fortification I was feeling tinges of regret. Tinges the weight of anvils.

I knew I was never going to get near my personal best of 22.56, but it was slightly dispiriting to be passed by 1) much older folk and 2) very small children.

Also I got lapped for the first time by Tango Holland, a local guy who runs about 100 marathons a year and who probably walks faster than I can sprint.

Hooray though! I finished in 26.34, in 36th place and despite being nearly 4 minutes off my best, 4th in my age group. Probably only 4 people in it. But I really enjoyed being out there again, so much so that I decided to go on a 20km bike ride straight after, pretending to be an Alf Tupper like hardman of the track and roads.

It made me feel good to get so much done by 1130am!


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  1. Exercising makes us happier. :)
    Beautiful photos and fun words!

  2. My running these days is reserved for running for buses and trains, but I'm full of admiration for those who do - especially early on Saturday mornings.

  3. It felt really good to be doing something other than sleeping on a saturday morning! Thanks for commenting

  4. That's a very respectable time, Si, especially after a gap. well done :o)