Wednesday 7 September 2016

Darters, Hawkers and an Avian Stampede

Kept up with yet more cycling today, after a park visit this morning, with a more gentle bike ride out to RSPB Langford Lowfields.

I haven't been for a little while, with cricket having taken up so much of my time this summer. But now, with some time off, I've been able to make the most of it with some great cycling, and some walking and running too when my back de-stiffens.

Then sun was making a rare foray out today as I arrived, giving some good photographic light to the hot and muggy conditions we've had for the lat few days, and making it rather pleasant to sit and rest in the beach hut for a little while, before turning my attention to the nature.

The water on the reed bed was very low, but the number of birds very high. There was a huge number of greylag geese, a lot of mallards too with plenty of chicks on view. Above, a hobby kept making patrols presumably on the look out for dragonflies, same as me. A few egrets were elegantly striding around, and I was lucky enough to get a close look at a meadow pipit as it darted up from the reeds.

I made a circuit of the lake, snapping the birds and a female common darter dragonfly I came across. But it was over on the boardwalk across the reed bed where all the fun happened. I was looking over to the nearest group of geese on a sand bank ready to take a shot, and for some reason - I had stayed on the path - the birds spooked and took to the air.

Initially it was just a few birds, but as their alarm drove them into the sky with a tremendous honking and splashing, the other greylag geese got the fear as well, and as the first lot of birds flew over, they joined in adding to the watery cacophony. And then, within 5 seconds, there was around 200 geese at least in the air as all the greylags took fright and made their way off to the South.

It was an incredible, and very noisy sight.

At the other end of the boardwalk, another birdwatcher was standing. I felt like apologising to him after scaring all the birds away.

I wasn't done yet. I somehow managed to get a shot of a migrant hawker dragonfly on the wing, and I so thrilled with it!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.09.16


  1. I love the dragonflies. They're gorgeous critters.

  2. Love the dragonflies especially the last photo :) Always impressive to see flocks of geese in flight.

  3. Some nice dragons,like the hawker in flight not easy to get.

  4. I don't know how I got the shot, just slewed across and the dragon was hovering there in perfect focus! Thank you so much folks!

  5. I love love love that last image. It is such an amazing shot.
    Beautiful Simon well done.