Tuesday 6 September 2016

Riding out to Flintham Hall

I had business to attend to in Flintham village today regarding my charity bike ride - all the organisation is now in place, hooray hooray - and so having had a very pleasant if not sunny ride out to the village, I decided to mosey on over to Flintham Hall to have a look.

Sadly it's not open to the public, so I'll have to think of some other way of getting a look at the ornamental lake at one end of the grounds. The bit I could see over the church wall, a church with some very flashly inscribed old gravestones - was the conservatory end of the building, which looked very light and airy indeed from the view I had.

The posh gardens were out of view, but there seems to be a large complex of orchards and various mini gardens around the main building. I have a feeling that Mr Ponders would have loved it if he had visited, seems like his kind of place even if no sconces were for sale. The parklands looked huge, I'll wager there are a fair few deer kicking around in there.

Gosh it was a muggy day, I ended up cycling 30km in the end, and as soon as I got home I just knocked back about a litre and a half of various fluids in a single gulp!


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  1. I love the way you always give us a taste of wherever you have been.

  2. Thank you! Not the most amazing countryside here but some nice villages to ride to