Saturday 3 September 2016

Watching Flowers in the Rain

My last cricket match of the season was scheduled for today, out at Nottingham Trent Uni's ground against Clifton Village 3s, where after nets the other night where I bowled faster than I've ever bowled in my life I was hopeful of a major perfornace today.

Pah, the rain put paid to that. Off we went as the rain started to hurl down like the wrath of god, and before we'd even got 10 miles, the call came to knock it on the head and turn around.

Faced with an empty afternoon ahead of me, I decided to don my yellow fetish kagoule and head out for a walk in the rain, which I love doing. Not many other hardly souls do though, and on Sconce Park all that was to be seen was a woman accompanied by three mad cocker spaniels...or springers. The brown and white sort.

The flowers will enjoy getting a good drink before the forecast hot weather of next week! Poor old bees were struggling though, rendered beyond sleepy by the cold and wet.


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