Thursday 15 September 2016

Out to Stapleford Today

Another day, another 30km bike ride, out into the surprisingly bumpy borderlands of Lincolnshire, which I crossed into after going through Claypole and over the River Witham - home of a raft race that isn't allowed to happen anymore but I would have loved to have been in.

Along the roads I went, along quiet lanes alive with roadkill; it would appear that pheasants round here have very little road sense. Through the tiny villages of Stubton and Fenton, before reaching my initial target of Beckingham. I wanted to see if the huge white rheas I had found here last year were still in their enclosure, but these huge flightless birds were absent.


I kept on going, frightened beyond frightened at the A17 crossing I had to make to get on the road to Stapleford. I hate cycling anywhere near A-roads. Cars are horrible.

Luckily I made it over safely, and I didn't get blown up on Beckingham range either. Good for me, or else I would have missed the gorgeous kingfisher I saw at Stapleford's crossing over the River Witham, the shallow pike filled river that winds its with through Lincolnshire.

I then turned for home, through the fields where onions had recently been harvested; the smell of them was everywhere and there were plenty of them squashed on the road, just as deaded as the pheasants.

Through the woods, down the hill, and then home. Lovely afternoon.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.09.16


  1. It looks and sounds smashing.

  2. I remember Stapleford woods and the rhodendrons from my childhood - have I got the right Stapleford?

  3. Absolutely right, although the rhodedendrons are long over. They were magnificent when I went exploring earlier in the year.

  4. I've been away for a few days Simon so have just been catching up on your blog posts - it looks as though you've had a great week. Love the hedgehog photo a few posts back :)