Sunday 4 September 2016

Cycling into Stress

Well, I'm sort of on holiday now, and so without any cricket to play and the rain gone, I was able to head off on my bicycle - back is a bit stiff to run - and decided to head out North, in search of a lost cricket ground.

It isn't really lost, I suppose, as it is still there, a pretty little ground with fungus fairy rings and a nice pavilion out at Little Carlton. But it is now marked out as a football pitch, and of the square and pitches there is no sign at all.

It's been lost to cricket for serveral years sadly, so my mission to see if it could be used by my club as a potential outground was pretty conclusive - it can't! But it is a very pretty village, and a nice ride out on quiet lanes. I followed the road round to Bathley, and then to North Muskham for a look at the nature reserve and lake; very quiet indeed.

The trouble began when I cycled home and did a little shopping. Somewhere, somehow, my wallet fell out of my pocket, a fact I only realised a couple of hours later, and oh boy, did I panic like a mad thing.

Horrible, cold sweat panic!

Luckily, I heard that it had been handed in at a pizza takeaway near where I had stopped, and full of happiness went to pick it up. Of course, the cash inside - not a mega amount, but not what I'd ever want to lose, had been stolen, and in a tizzy I realised I'd have to cancel my cards as they could easily have copied all the numbers.

Grrr. More faff and stress. Or maybe it's just someone's way of telling me to spend less money.


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  1. This happened to my son a couple of weeks ago - he cancelled all his cards and then found that somebody in the village had found it and rung him up. But it is always best to cancel those cards, one never knows.

  2. Horrible thing to happen Simon - I lost my purse once at a supermarket (and my house keys on another occasion) but luckily I realised quite quickly and both had been handed in and everything in the purse (money included) was intact.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. How awful. I would have panicked too!! Glad someone handed it in. Nice to know there are honest people out there.

    Love the images of the old cricket ground.

  4. THank you folks, sadly not so honest that they didn't take my cash! Ah well, minor hassle in the scheme of things, cards are cancelled, no harm no foul. Just remember the cycling.