Saturday 10 September 2016

More Friends by Night

Walking out, I came across this frog, well I think it's a frog! Very green and smooth looking for a toad, and the eyes don't seem very toad like either.

Pretty dry for a frog to be on the wander last night.

On the way home, as plain as day even in the night, this young hoglet was out snaffling a worm, the young ones really have been busy in my part of the world. I closed in for a quick shot, then let it be. As I walked off, it shot off like a rocket across the damp grass. Never seen one move so fast!

Oh what the hey, have a bonus picture! Newark's most cluttered bike shop has a feline resident, who obligingly came and sat in the window for some photographs.

Not a bit self conscious at all!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.09.16


  1. I think it must havebeen a good year for hedgehogs Si - we have seen such a lot around the farm. We have a arn full of hay, so plenty of places for them to hibernate at the end of the month. We know they eat the food we put out for the farm cats but we don't mind if it fattens them up to survive their winter sleep.

  2. The frog is cute and I love the hedgehog. I've only seen one this summer.

  3. I really miss the antics of the Hedgehogs I used to have visiting.

  4. THanks everyone...after a very blank year, suddenly the hedgehogs are busy round here, which is good to see.

  5. I've signed up as a hedgehog champion on the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website. Hoping I can get something going here as I'm sure it would be great for them-such a quiet estate. Lovely photo though.

  6. Thanks Suzie, nice to see you here. A friend of mine near here hada whole family in the garden