Monday 26 September 2016

The Great Trees of Friary Road Park

For some reason, Friary Road park - like the cemetery a calendar of spring - sports some of the largest trees in the town.

The two greatest are both adorned with spiky fruit; a london plane tree with a trunk like a giant's thigh, and a sweet chestnut tree that might prove of interest to foragers. I went to visit them today on my afternoon walk on a wet day where after the weekend I've had, I didn't really have a whole lot of energy for more vigorous exercise.

These trees don't exercise as much as I do, but their strength must be incredible. If I stand there motionless all my life, 1) I'd get very bored and 2) I'd get very very fat. These trees grow tall and strong, sprout leaves, and produce a ton of fruit every year.

The only thing I do better than trees is run. And write.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.09.16


  1. Wonderful. I love trees there is something about them.

  2. Beautiful trees!

    I think trees in Edinburgh get plenty of exercise with all the wind that blows their branches about!

  3. I just wonder how old they are, it's a historic little corner of town...

  4. Well thank you very much for your kind comments. Trees like that have earned respect, I'd say.

  5. Beautiful trees and it is always so lovely to watch them changing through the year.