Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Ivy has a Sound

And it is the buzzing of a multitude of insects.

My driveway is absolutely full of ivy; in the hedgerows, sprawling over the garage, climbing over the wall into the mental health drop in centre. It is in flower now, the little clusters of green buds now erupting into those funny tiny little yellow flowers. The smell is powerful too, the smell that made folk turn up their nooses by the university library all those years ago.

It was a sunny start this morning, but I forgot to check as I was out doing my Parkrun thing; two in a week now, good boy! I think if I had done, then I would have found red admirals and bees about on it, but as it happened the sun had gone in, grey clouds began to stack up on grey clouds, and all that were left were mainly wasps and a few hoverflies.

But it was still alive. THere aren't many flowers to be found now, and as filling stations go, this was a busy and buzzy one.


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