Sunday, 16 October 2016

Raintime Funs

I awoke this morning to grey skies and puddles on the driveway being battered by further rain.

Oh dear, not a great start. But, as you know, I love being out in the rain, and I quickly got my fetish kag on and my equally unsexy green hiking trousers, and headed out into the wild weather.

I regretted it pretty quickly, I mean I enjoy being out in the rain, but not super heavy, penetrate all clothing and leave you soaking type rain. Not until I get some waterproof trousers to go with the kag. But I resolved to trot on, enjoying burning a little energy when not many other folk were brave enough to be out, and ope that my legs didn't get too wet.

As it happened, the rain had eased a little by the time I got to the park, and having had an enjoyable trot around along by the river and through the old wood, and amused myself watching some bedraggled football activity, I had a cup of tea while watching a sharply defined line of blue sky approaching from the south; the weather front was passing over.

By time I'd finished my tea, the sun was out and the dog walkers and child wranglers had made their way back outside.

After such an aqueous morning, the afternoon was a bright, warm delight so I headed out to run a gentle 10km, rather stiff after yesterday's Parkrun thrash. Bare legged, I ran round the two lakes, and enjoyed another cup of tea at the park!

Ooh, living it!


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  1. It's certainly been a bit changeable, Simon! There's nothing like being out and about when all those boring, if sensible, people are indoors.

  2. I don't mind rain one little bit, sure I used to ride a bike and a motorcycle in all winds and weathers it was exhilarating getting where I needed to be.

  3. Thanks for commenting, I enjoy bad weather as long as I'm equipped for it!

  4. I like rain, but not too much of it and as you say, you need the right clothes for it!