Tuesday 1 March 2016

Turbine Decapitation

I'm glad to be a bit more mobile again after my knee woes, although I haven't risked running on it yet. I've had some good walks on my off shift, and also got in a 25km bike ride on my off shift as well.

It was a glorious afternoon for it, although the Easterly wind took a fair bit of getting used to; it meant it was harder coming back than going out. But on my old bike, it was even more of a trial.

This is my old old bike, the blue Jupiter Trailblazer, an old Halford's model that I foolishly forgot seems to be bestow rear punctures on me at will despite there being no spokes poking through the rim tape or any obvious problems in the tyre. It has no suspension, and on the bumpy Sustrans 64 it renders my hands numb within a few minutes.

However, there was no puncture - until I got back into town - and although I didn't find the egret on the dyke I was looking for, there were plenty of buzzards to be found looking for non-existent thermals to soar on. I was watching one in the distance, when another one swooped over my head, its wings unusually pointed and the white markings well on display.

The sun was beginning to set, huge in the sky but not yet suffused in orange as I rattled through Thorpe village and came across the big wind turbine that silently sweeps through the sky alongside the A46. And I noticed stretched out on the ground in front of me my elongated body, at the mercy of the huge, cruelly rotating blades.

Too good to miss!


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  1. Gorgeous sunset there Simon, too good to miss as you said! Glad to hear your knee is healing up nicely too! - Tasha

  2. Bitterly cold wind here too Si but a good day for photographs as your two prove.

  3. We are going to have a little blast of winter this weekend. Snow and northerly winds will make for a fun cycle in on Friday morning.