Sunday 27 March 2016

Dreams of the Crocus Spider

I slept more last night than I did the previous 4 nights combined, and ended up dreaming the day away. Which was sad, as the day has been bright. However, my walk revealed a cold wind that kept the butterflies in bed, so perhaps I didn't miss a stellar wildlife day.

It certainly wasn't as stellar as my dream, in which my regular route along the cycle path along the railway line was thickly lined with blue flowers. Bluebells yes, but also a curious variety of foxglove who's azure flowers were larger than my hand and weighed as much as a bell.

I know this because I examined one. And in the course of examining the flower, I was bitten by the dangerous crocus spider, a previously unknown species of British spider the size and appearance of a small tarantula that a David Attenborough voice in my head told me was the the only British spider species to have a significantly venomous bite.

The bite certainly hurt, but how dangerous it was I was not to find out, because I awoke before I could do anything like undergo collapse of the central nervous system.

Sadly the flowers on the reality of my walk were nowhere near as vivid, but still attractive. The Blue Lake was choppy, and the forthcoming storm had driven some herring gulls on to its surface, which as an unusual sight here. I've had an Easter Egg, but sleeping so much always makes me think I've wasted the day.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.03.16

Like a mini conker candle

First world war memorial

Fungus colony

In close up

Primrose graves

They are at their peak at the moment

Choppy lake

Gorgeous red catkin

Celandine carpet

Lovely yellow flowers

Polish war memorial

A little information


  1. I saw my first flutters on Friday. Several peacocks and a few small torts enjoying the fine weather. Then the rains came, and I've been fretting ever since that they were out and about too soon.
    Leanne x

  2. Fascinating dreams and interesting photos!
    The old graveyard is very beautiful.

  3. Thank you all, I really want to try and get butterfly macro shots, see how detailed I can get them. But none to be seen really yet.

  4. Good stuff Simon, you certainly have interesting dreams :-) Like all the pics but especially the fungi, they are such fascinating and diverse organisms.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter :-)

  5. Beautiful series of photos.

    1. Thank you very much, love trying to get good images

  6. A very nice set of photo's, I just love the red catkin ...

    All the best Jan

  7. Lovely photos, specially the celandine carpet, our celandines seem to be late this year and I've not seen any carpets so far