Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Pain and Joy of Cycling

I've just been replacing a punctured inner tube.

Sounds easy enough, when you write it down like that. But for me, a man who is dyspraxic to the point of being barely able to use a pair of scissors, it is an agony of struggling and cursing and giving-up-in-a-huffs.

Sometimes I can do it in ten minutes, but on this bike, a bike with a really deep rim, it took a half hour of jamming tire levers in to even the tiniest section of tire free, and then once you've out the new inner tube in, you then have to get the blasted thing back in place, AND then put the wheel back on the frame which will always mean a nice pair of oily hands from having to fiddle with the derailleur.

Don't mention trying to fit a new bell with a multi-tool screwdriver. That was a bloody faff as well.

The noble steed
But of course, suffering this hassle enables you to get outside, into the country, and the opportunity to see, to discover. Like last night, when I climbed the hill into Coddinton village to catch this sunset.

Giant bike!

From Coddington village

Down Beacon Hill
I love cycling, on a nice day, when it isn't to work in the dark. But I feel I can't really go for super long rides, because a mechanical would be a disaster. I'd never be able to fix it. But, at least there's plenty to see in a reasonable radius, on quiet roads and Sustrans routes.

I have been running today, but it was a slow one. This little cricket bruise didn't help.

Back now to work for a few days, but I have plenty to show you yet!


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  1. I used to get punctures all the time with my old mountain bike but since I got a 'dutch' style bike with puncture resistant tyres I have actually only had one puncture in eight years (touch wood), and that was only because the tyre itself had worn out!

    I love cycling as well, and when you are riding down a quiet country lane with the sun in the sky and barely a breath of wind, there is surely no better way to travel and explore the countryside :-)

  2. I always enjoy your photographs of an area I know quite well Si.

    Also I am sure that when you have completed a task like that inner tube you do feel a certain satisfaction that you have cracked it.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Sadly, I hadn't realised that the inner valve was in the open position, and so at midnight a lot of cursing ensued as I reinflated the tyre and tightened the valve with an improvised tool.

  4. Fixed it anyway, those are terrible things, punctures. Beautiful series Simon.

  5. Lovely sunset.

    I can't even ride a bike (or not well enough to be useful) let alone change an inner tube!

  6. I would hate to have to fix a puncture on that giant bike!!

    Lovely pics Si!

  7. Thank you so much all, it's rather cheering to hear from you as I sit here with a stinking cold after this morning's soaked commute.