Sunday 6 March 2016

Squill in the Snow

Well, I've had a decent day today, with a trip to the park this morning, a visit to halfords to buy things for my bike, then Quatermass 2, a 6km run, then finally 90 minutes in indoor cricket nets.

Breaking my knee back in gently then.

Still, I feel good for an active day, although my achilles is a bit sore, and my improving batting didn't prevent me getting a couple of bruisesome whacks on the inner thigh.

My run was basically a cemetery and Friary Park survey, and as ever, it is sad to report that the crocuses are now ever so slightly over now, with fewer of their purple and white forms lining the graveyard paths. But, squill has now appeared in both locations, and in addition in Friary Park the first UKIP bating spanish bluebells have made an appearance.

The big surprise for me was getting snowed on all of a sudden as I ran through the forgotten nature reserve. It was very icy snow, but definitely that rather than hail, I'd say. It's the first proper wintry snow shower I've experienced all this season, and it is now March!

I hope for bright weather tomorrow, so that I might spot a few birds for the camera. I had a female blackbird on my fat ball feeder this morning, which I wasn't expecting.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.03.16

Wallflowers in the sconce, awaiting bees

Lovely crimson colour, this

Sun rays over the cricket ground

Feathery company

The watchers

Graffiti on the cycle path, probably courtesy of the nearby primary school


I love this owl!

Haily snow

Dark skies

Friary Park. Grape hyacinth

The squill is out!

A lovely clump this

In closer.

Just beautiful, these flowers


  1. Glad you managed to get out, don't be pushing your body to hard and hurting yourself again!
    The flower photos are lovely.
    Amanda xx

  2. A dreary day made cheerful with flowers and graffiti. The owl's eyes are really good!

  3. Nice to be seeing a bit of colour in amongst the grey as we edge into spring.

  4. Wonderful flowers and the owl looks really cute.
    Have a great week ahead!

  5. 'squill' looks interesting, haven't come across that in my little patch
    of woodland, will look out for it. nice photographs.

  6. Just sharp frosts and the odd snow/sleet shower here, no lying snow throughout the Winter.!

    The Squill has such a vibrant colour, it would cheer any day up!

    Super images S! I hope you get a few feathery friends today.

  7. Lovely to see all the Spring flowers and I love the graffiti especially the butterfly :)

  8. The squill are the most stunning blue. Beautiful.

  9. I love the artwork on the walls, adds some colour to everyday life and the shots of the geese and ducks are lovely too. The photos of the squill though are gorgeous, love that shade of blue! - Tasha

  10. Love that 'graffiti' Si - and also the wonderful blue in the last photograph.

  11. No filter or retouching on these shots by the way!

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments, I love that owl, and if is the kids from the junior school, I'm really glad they did it! Not sure whether squill is a native wildflower or an ornamental gone feral.