Wednesday 9 March 2016

From Saturation to Joy

Well, today has not been a great one, to be honest. 6am, after little sleep, I found myself out in the rain, in the dreaded neon kag, heading for work along river like roads. Yes, I was dry from the waist up, but my legs, in my nasty work trousers - 100% man made in the bowels of hell fibres - were not and by the time I arrived I was utterly squelching.

Most work places would have heaters and drying rooms if it knew many of its staff were commuting in by bike, but not this one. If you don't have a change of clothes, you are buggered, because there are no radiators or anything to dry your backside on and you have to sit gradually trying to dry yourself off in the aircon warmth.

It didn't work today. I must have been wet and shivery for about 7 or 8 hours, and so the heavy cold virus I was obviously incubating has burst forth in all its achey glory.


I'm really pleased with the bird shots I took while out and about a couple of days ago. Both birds were in the gardens of sheltered housing, and both were happily of a mind to pose.

Firstly we have this little robin, charmingly scruffy, lurking around the knick-knacks in a house at the back of Millgate.

Then, this extremely buff chaffinch put on a real pose while feeding on Victoria Street. What a smart bird this one is, all ready to flirt and breed!

Enjoy your feathered friends!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.03.16


  1. Doesn't that chaffinch look splendid in his breeding finery? Love the little robin too. Ours are busy showing off their chests. It always makes me smile. Hope the virus clears up soon.

  2. Keep snug and warm until your cold is better Si.
    Beautiful shots - full breeding plumage is the order of the day and how smart they look.

  3. Fab looking Chaffinch, Si. They really do look so smart and colourful at this time of year. I'm not surprised you've developed a bug following a day sitting in cold, wet trousers. I hope you're able to shake it off quickly!

  4. Thank you but looking now I'm disappointed, the chaff shots were taken at 36x at a range of 15 metres and have come out very soft. I just can't get the quality of shot I want.

  5. Pretty good considering the zoom. At 36x the slightest movement will blur the photo somewhat.

  6. Lovely bird shots, I enjoyed them all, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  7. Pretty little birds there, I love them.

  8. So glad people still enjoy the shots!

  9. Lovely shots Simon, that chaffinch did put on a lovely pose and the robin shot is gorgeous. Sorry to hear the walk to work was rainy - not the best way to arrive! Hope you're feeling better soon too, have a good weekend. - Tasha

  10. Wonderful set of photos, nice to see some Chaffinch not a common bird in my garden.
    Amanda xx

  11. I love the little robin! They're so cute.

  12. I love the little robin! They're so cute.