Monday 14 March 2016

Quackers and Honkers

Had another spring walk today, through the cemetery and past the lake. Flowers are still great, crocuses open to their fullest extent, like the sandworms of Dune. The primroses have covered their little area by the left hand ditch, soon, bluebells will appear by the right hand one. Friary Gardens have some lovely patches of squill, and more and more flowers are appearing in people's gardens.

Coltsfoot and lesser celandine are now out properly down by the drain next to the lake, but I haven't seen any cowslips yet as has been reported by others, and there were no butterflies out today either. But more bumblebees are making their way out into the world.

The geese were sporting today. A pair were sat on London Road pond, and one of them was making the most incredible honking at another pair of geese on the far side of the lake, one of which started honking back, like two drunks conversing from one end of a crowded pub to another. I don't know whether this was some sort of breeding bravado or whether it was some sort of conversation, a friendly "Hey Keith" bellowed across the waters.

It started the ducks off, who then started chasing the ladies about, before taking to the air and circling the lake. They are such strong flyers, fast short wingbeats cutting through the air, they are one of the speediest birds you see on the wing.

They need to be I sppose, to avoid the gun...


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.03.16

White crocus

And the purple

In the realm of the primrose

In close up

Lesser celandine

Nice little clumps on the water's edge

The honker, nearest the passing coot

Mallards race to escape the camera


Squill bed

So blue

The dazzling river


  1. Geese on land are very like drunks, aren't they? Noisy, quarrelsome and very messy. They can be forgiven all that though when they take to the air. Pity that drunks can't fly.

    1. THe canada geese form small echelons of about 10-12 birds, and fly incredibly low and fast

  2. Lovely wildflower images! I have yet to see cowslips. The celandines round here are wonderful - with a few shrinking violets in between the clumps.

  3. Lovely selection of Spring flowers - no cowslips in flower round here yet. The squill flower is a beautiful blue :)

  4. What a lovely selection of photo's to look at... and yes, the squill flower is such a lovely blue!

    All the best Jan

  5. A great set of 'Springtime' images Si! The dazzling river in particular caught my eye!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments! A much greyer day today alas, all the insects have gone back to bed.

  7. Lovely spring photos, Simon. Still not over warm where I am though!

  8. Beautiful spring flowers, especially the heart-warming Primroses :-) The weather over the weekend was wonderful wasn't it.

    Hope you are well :-)