Saturday 26 December 2015

Willie Wagtail out on the Run

Had a lovely 10km run out today, no sense of urgency, no need to be anywhere, plenty of time to stop and take some photographs. Snowdrops are out, crocuses are sprouting, and the leaves of winter aconite are spread upon the cemetery like miniature lily pads.

Lots of the usual waterfowl were out today on the two lakes, no sign yet of any visiting goosander or pochard, and I got some useful photographs of a great crested grebe at last. But further round my route, on the stretch of river between the Malt Shovel and Barge pubs I came across a bird I've been wanting to photograph ever since I got my camera, but have been mysteriously absent whenever I've been out.

It was a pied wagtail, a bird that without camera in hand, I've always found to be quite a tame little bird when it comes to human contact. But at last, I found an amenable one when I had my S8650 with me.

It was feeding from the moss and loose soil where the path met the concrete river banking. It was a very busy little bird, wagging its long tail away, finding worms, and keeping a wary eye on me every time I approached too close. But I had a good 15 minutes with the bird, and took a lot of shots, most of which fell victim to high winds and low light as usual.

But, I think I've got some decent ones.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.12.15

This is the pimp shot, right here!


  1. Did you know that here in Suffolk when i was little we always called them Penny Wagtails - don't know why - just thought you should know!

  2. That's a new one on me, as was "willie wagtail" when I first heard my mother use it!

  3. Its nice to be able to record those close encounters, nice pic's of Wagtail,
    Coincidentally A grey wagtail that visited my pond late summer also had missing
    foot, Wonder how that happens, amazing to see how adaptable they are. Merry christmas
    good luck with the camera for next year.

  4. Oh gosh yes it is missing a foot, I hadn't realised! Didn't seem to have slowed it down any though!