Friday 18 December 2015

The Apple Murderer Mysteries

I've been round to my folks' place this afternoon, where I was slightly annoyed that Christmas stuff prevented me from getting out for a photography walk. So, I headed out back, to find that the many apples left over from my stepfather's apple crumble making and sundry giveaways, had been badly mauled by unknown assailants.

Who was responsible. Not this little blue tit, minding its own business in a nearby tree.

Sneaky inspection of the tree at a distance revealed the culprits at work.

I then moved in, to get some close up shots of the perpetrators, to send off to "Crimewatch" for Martin Bayfield to have on his wall of shame.

If you know any of these black clad villains, do no approach, and call the police immediately.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.12.15


  1. Caught red-beaked! Beautiful photos though. I like especially the last ones, with shiny, beautiful apples.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my post. I receive the Aurora Borealis Forecast to my mobile phone, but in November and December it has been always cloudy when the notifications arrive. :)
    Best wishes for peace, health, and happiness during the holidays and all year long.

  2. Oh yes, they are undoubtedlythe culprits Si - their favourite food without a doubt.

  3. I do love Blackbirds, what a lovely apple feast for them.

  4. Thank you one and all! Normally at this time of year they are eating berries or tossing leaf litter around, but these apples will keep them going for a while yet. Seeing as they'll probably be fermenting, it's no wonder the blackbirds keep coming back. I'm amazed they can fly.

  5. I looked at your first pic and thought blackbirds straightaway. They do love an illicit apple :-)

  6. THere used to be a brick left down there, it was surrounded by broken snail shells