Wednesday 30 December 2015

Pub Quiz Funs

Up until 8 years ago (!!!) I ran I weekly pubquiz at the much missed Mailcoach Inn here in Newark, but when that place eventually turned into a Sicilian mobster's den - truly! - my Thursday nights ended up being my own again.

However, David and Leslie, who used to run The Coach, got me to do a new quiz at Oscar's, the pub they have now taken over. So, after a lot of research and struggles with busted internets, I took my black book of doom down to the bar last night, with much trepidation.

An empty room is the quizmasters dread.

Luckily, the room was absolutely stuffed with competitors, including to my delight top local birder Nick Crouch, and many friends I hadn't seen for years. Within seconds I was sweating with nerves, and that was without the presence of Irene from Home and Away, who is appearing locally in Panto and drops into Oscars from time to time.

People were expecting questions about nature, astronomy, and of course, Christmas questions. What they got were a musical round where I played Christmas songs I didn't know how to play on my guitar, dodgy 70s sitcoms like Love Thy Neighbour, and unspeakable euphemisms from Star Wars.

Naturally, as with all my quizzes, it turned out to be murderously difficult and 21 / 40 ended up being the winning score. But that was kind of irrelevant, as it was all a hell of a lot of fun and everyone ended up rather merry.

Thanks then to Dave and Leslie, and all who played.


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  1. Ah yay, I'm glad it went well and lots of people turned up! My friends and I loved quizzes while we were at uni and whenever I went home for the holidays my friends and I would meet up to go and do the local pub quiz, they're fun! - Tasha

  2. Judging by the photos, folks were having a lot of fun! Will this be a regular gig for you now?

  3. I hope it will become a regular activity from now on... and I'd love to read some example questions, since I have never participated in Pub Quizzes! :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds and looks a great event Simon - hope it becomes a regular event. Love pub quizzes :)

  5. An idea for an easy blog post...........put all the questions on here and we can all see how we would have done!

  6. Well done Si! It looks as though everyone enjoyed the evening!

  7. It will be semi regular, it's too much to do weekly! Special occasions. Thanks folks for commenting!