Wednesday 16 December 2015

False Widow False Positive

I was working hard on my latest tricky culinary project - heating a tin of soup without burning myself - when I noticed this little character on the kitchen wall.

Not the best macro shot there's ever been
Initially I got rather excited and wondered if it might be some sort of steodata type false widow spider. But looking at this and shots I got on my mobile phone I'm now thinking this is a young garden orb spider come in out of the cold that isn't.

It was so warm today that when I went running I had sweat dripping off me like I was a neon clad Niagara Falls.

I'm feeling quite sneaky and proud of myself, sorting out thrifty crafty Christmas gifts from my photographs. Going to visit the photo shop in town tomorrow to get a few blown up to A4 or hopefully larger, and framed. Just hope it works out.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.12.15


  1. Hope your last minute presents work out as planned Si. Not too keen on dwelling on that spider photo though - hope it is not included in your planned presents! Unseasonably warm here too, after snow and ice at the week end.

  2. We have loads of the false black widow spiders here fact there are three in the porch at the moment, I should give them names!

  3. 13 deg C here in Hertfordshire today. Bonkers! Best of luck with getting your photos printed and framed.

  4. Oh wow Suzie that's rather cool!

    Lucy - I got a brilliant one framed at 20x16 inches!

    Weaver - even warmer and wetter today, as you shall see!

  5. After all this time I thought I really ought to visit your blog and see what you write about......better late than never I guess. But after coming face to face with a spider I may not come again! However I've added you to my reading list just to hear about your culinary adventures :-)

  6. THanks for dropping in Sue! Spiders are a rare event on here, so don't worry!