Tuesday 22 December 2015

A Flash of Winter Colour

There's still a lot of plants in flower in the folks' garden, and others that have come back into flower, confused by the mild weather. Either way it is very welcome, as normally we are in the bleakest time of the year, before early in the new year when I can start hunting for snowdrops, aconite then crocuses.

Only, it's not been like that this winter!



  1. Cor, that's a lot of lovely colour at this time of year Si!

  2. Stuff just flowers and flowers in the folks' garden, there's stuff that seems to have been in flower all year

  3. Nature confused by the weather!!

    We still have roses opening new blooms, Ragged Robin, Narcissus, Muscari, Leucojum and a single Snowdrop flowering well ahead of their appointed time.

  4. Never known a winter like it. Have a great Crimble, Si :o)

  5. So pleased to hear from you all. I hope you enjoy the season!