Tuesday 1 December 2015

Walking Yes, Running No

I spent the entirety of yesterday in bed, after my running efforts caught up with me big time and I ended up sleeping until 6pm. I was so tired I didn't even have the energy to eat - all I ate was a pasta salad in bed.

So today, it was back to exercise. Or rather, just going for an amble around town with my camera while taking in the sights. It's been a violent weekend here; we had ammonia thrown in someone's eye on Saturday, and an unprovoked spot of GBH on the Sunday.

It's getting a little wild and scary to be honest. Same sort of folk responsible on both occasions. At least during the day, there is no violence and beautiful things to see. You'd go mad otherwise.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.12.15

Corn Exchange, another pigeon hotel

Alder cones

Pigeons on the castle


Angry lion pansy

Pigeons in flight

Plastic heron at the cafe at the lock

Angry skies


  1. Lovely photos showing beautiful surroundings. Sad to hear of the violence you mentioned. Hard to comprehend at times.

  2. Yay, Alder cones….no Siskins glued to them though. Glad you're still able to walk after that amazing effort on Saturday.

  3. Thank you for reading, I've never seen a siskin, maybe they just aren't park birds. Did find me a treecreeper though!

  4. You are on a roll with new heron species - first the "field heron" and now the "plastic heron". I can imagine that some recovery time is in order after the marathon!

  5. Sounds as though your mammoth run has caught up with you Si. Take it easy for a few days. Lovely photographs.

  6. Thank you Wilma and Weaver, I am very tired, managed a gentle, short, and very slow run today