Friday 11 December 2015

The Birds of my Garden

Until now, I've always felt that my bird photography has to be done away from home, on little expeditions to the park, or the local lakes.

Well, on a relentlessly grey and wet day, I decided "hang that!" and just decided to take my camera out onto the communal driveway and garden and see what I could find.

Straightaway the "zups" and "zeeps" announced the arrival of a flock of long tailed tits, and it all went on from there. Nothing exotic, but I got reasonable captures. Sadly, with the light being what it was, and the birds up high in the sycamores, it was hard to get really crisp shots - they've all come out a bit noisy.

Still, I will keep practicing and I hope you enjoy what I've got.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.12.15

Hello long tailed tit!

Hanging around way up high

Proud pose

Goldcrest at the top of the tree


I always love there is a Talking Heads soing that seems to go "Pica pica!"

Collared dove needs a good preen

Ruffled feathers

Mrs Chaffinch

Sleepy woodpigeon


Managed to get quite close to this one

It was clucking away, not singing

Spot the saturation tweak

Proud bird


  1. Still not a happy bunny with my photography. I know the S8650 can take better bird shots than this. I think I'm a bit crap - unsteady hands. Also in low grey light and at high zoom, it is difficult to get vivid clear shots.

  2. The high zoom makes the dim light even worse, so take heart - it isn't "you"! I love my garden birds best of all.

  3. I enjoyed your photos Simon. It is very nice to see what birds you have in your area.

  4. Love the shots of the blackbird and robin Simon - lovely shots! - Tasha

  5. Lovely shots of the robin in particular - sometimes the garden is the best place to practise.

  6. Dull winter days with thick white cloud overhead are almost impossible to cope with photographically when shooting against that sky, Si. It isn't you ;o). It's just nice to be introduced to your local birdlife!

  7. P.S. love how the collared dove is looking at you, lol

  8. The collared dove does look rather indignant in the first shot!

  9. A good variety of birds you have visit your garden Si! I have enjoyed viewing your images of them, keep it up come rain or shine!

  10. Thanks Pam! The best thing would be to catch birds settled on my feeder in good light, but I never see them there, sneaky blighters

  11. good selection, I think you've done very well with the low light, specially the robins, long tailed tits and collared dove

  12. All those birdies look very happy to be in your garden :)Long tailed tits are my fave. Always on the move and often have gold crests among them

    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    Jenni x

    1. I seem to see more and more goldcrests with every passing year. Whether it is because there are more of them, or I am more attuned to them, I have no idea.