Saturday 19 December 2015

Owl-ay Maria

Today was a very busy market day, with many choral attractions both inside and out around town.

Asda had a very curiously sited brass band, playing carols with folks going up and down the travelator in front of them, which looked rather odd. There was a choir in the market place, various other buskers, and a gentleman singing "World in Union" through a very loud PA.

The music wasn't to my taste, but this wasn't a problem. What wasn't so smart was the locating of the owls of Kilton Raptor Rescue right next to him. Because, you know, the birds with the most sensitive hearing in the world, must love being sat next to a man blasting out "Ireland's Call" five metres away.

Certainly the barn owls, which were the nearest, were rather unsettled, and a long eared owl kept turning to look, and had a fearsome scowl on its face as the singer clambered into "Ave Maria". The big eagle owl they had though was happier, and was overjoyed to be stroked by a customer. I hope it's not the same eagle owl they've had before however, because this one only had one eye.

At one point, it stretched out its wings, and the wingspan, a bit less than two metres I'd say, was so impressive. It also has the most amazing furry talons, quite capable of going straight through your arm and out the other side.

As ever though, it was the scopps owl, smaller than a blackbird, that had the most admirers. Such a cute little bird, but deadly too!


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Next to the singer

Barn owls

Confidential chat

Scopps owl

Young eagle owl

This expression is priceless! Scowl owl.

Tawny owl

Beautiful plumage


Eagle face


  1. Why didn't the birds keepers complain about the noise Simon ?

  2. Beautiful birds - sad to hear they were becoming distressed at the noise levels - that's not good. They're such beautiful creatures. You got some lovely shots Simon! - Tasha

  3. Thank you! Maybe the owls are thought to be ok with it, but the barn owls especially were very agitated