Wednesday 2 December 2015

Ah Yes - "The Record Shot"

Well I've had a pleasant little day, out walking through the park this morning and delighting on seeing a treecreeper at work on the oaks in the old wood, and stalking wren and tits amongst the undergrowth. Birds indeed were plentiful in the Hawton Holt too, and I shot robin and great tits as they flitted amongst the coppiced willows.

Ah yes! "Shot." - my dream of late has been to get some nice photographs of robin and blue tits, hopefully in a slight wintery setting, to make into little Christmas presents. However, as you will see, some of my photographs aren't working out yet.

They are what seem to be generally described by birders as "record shots". These are essentially photographs that although they allow the bird to be clearly identified, they aren't of the highest quality.

Or to put it another way, they are photographs that are bloody rubbish, and have no chance of making it into the Countryfile calendar or getting a matily hearty complement from Chris Packham on Springwatch. At the moment I seem to be specialising in such shots, every photo is another "record shot" for the blog.

So here is today's haul of "record shots", more records than Guinness.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 02.12.15

A very hissy bunch of juvenile swans

Add caption

Alder cones and catkins

He interrupted his leaf bothering to pose for a shot

Female blackbird not far away

Looking the other way

Macro moss again

Great tit. Record shot.

Robin. Another record shot.

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