Thursday 10 December 2015

A Bit of Thrifty Xmas Shopping

So, I've delayed the event for as long as possible, but today was the day when I took my two plastic beer can money boxes to the supermarket in order to generate to present buying revenue.

After a lengthy period of clattering coins into the machine like a crazed seaside cascade machine, I found myself with rather less money than I thought from my collection of 1p, 2p and 5p small change. The reason for this, as it was easy enough to gather inspecting the rejects drawer, is that the pubs and small shops of my home town have evidently been giving me a lot of foreign coins in my change.

I took home a number of 5, 10 and 20 cent Euro coins. I'm going to watch my shrapnel like a hawk now, dear readers.

In any case, I was able to buy a few presents, presented here on my luxury bright green presentation duvet.

The nest box is for my folks, hopefully to provide a safer nesting environment against next door's marauding feline. The rest of the stuff is for a Latvian girl in the Secret Santa thing at work. The limit was a fiver, so I just got some board and card games from the Sue Ryder shop. Sadly the balloon racer car in the gadgets section at WH Smiths was too expensive.

I have to say I love board games, and have a little collection of things like Risk, Diplomacy and Cluedo scrounged from various charity shops. Don't have anyone to play them with, I just like having them. There's a geek shop in town where they do all the Dungeons and Dragons stuff, but I'd feel a bit out of place there. Would like to learn stuff like "Carcasonne" though.

I've never really been one for computer gaming, but I do have a retro console bought for £2.50 from Barnardo's that I can play Pac Man and Space Invaders on.

I live in a sci fi world, I do.


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  1. Board games are fun, especially if you have have a good group playing!

  2. I've got a few jars full of loose change I've been saving for a rainy day - good idea of yours Simon. I enjoy board games too - we usually get them out at Christmas. My son loves all the dungeons and dragons and fighting fantasy stuff!

  3. Thanks! Took me a long old time to save those copper coins up! On another note, I see that Blogger is ignoring my CSS script about picture sizing again

  4. Another very enjoyable post, Simon!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I like it that you have really given some thought to your purchases Si. Now it is just wrapping them.

  6. Let alone with my feet, I look like I wrap things with my mouth Weaver! I'm so clumsy! Been counting out the silver, that will pay for me to get some of my better shots framed as presents.

  7. I love board games too, though Scrabble is the only one we play with any regularity.

    I also love finding bargains in charity shops.

  8. I taught myself how to play Carcassonne watching youtube the other night