Thursday 17 December 2015

Talk About Unseasonal

Today's run was about heading out to a field near Coddington to see if I could find the large flocks of redwings and fieldfares I've seen in previous years up there. They are on my "must photograph" list.

However, the search for winter thrushes seemed to be rather pointless when I found evidence that is actually spring.

Go back to bed!

I'm not surprised. My mother told me they have snowdrops poking up in the garden, and they are in the cemetery too. But not in flower like these. They are about 4 weeks early, by my rough reckoning. 

The whole run was unseasonable. It was warm as anything for a start, I could have easily run in a T shirt and running shorts if it wasn't for the warm rain that was falling. Bet that left some Saharan sand on car bonnets! I suspect if the sun had made an appearance, red admirals would have been flying about. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 17.12.15

Stopped by a train

Very shaggy little pony

Spuggies in the tree

Crows on the line

And then tonight, Santa dropped by!


  1. I always like seeing Snowdrops but mid December is ridiculous, lol!

  2. Very unseasonal weather - oh for a few cold, frosty, sunny days!

    Primroses are flowering in our garden.

  3. Snowdrops!!! Ours are peeping out of the ground. But yours are obscenely showoff I would say (but beautiful with it.)

  4. Thanks folks! No snowdrops out in the garden, but the summer flowers are hanging on in, and one or two have come back into flower

  5. I am waiting to replace Geranium plants with Winter flowering Cyclamen plants that I put in my front porch. I reckon the Cyclamen will have to wait outdoors for a couple more weeks!

    A nice post Si, I hope you waved to Santa when he dropped by.;-)