Tuesday 25 August 2020

Not a Very Good Bumble Rescue

Tried to to my bit for nature today in the midst of the howling gales and scudding rain that were and still are characterising the day here.

Didn't go really go to plan.

I came across a rather sodden looking buff tailed bumblebee sat in a puddle on the pathway at work. It would have got trod on if I left it, so I extended a finger and lo and behold with very little prompting the bee crawled onto my finger and then on to my palm.

I resolved to take it to the wild garden area to see of I could drop it off on some verbena or buddleia. However, just as I arrived and was looking for a suitable bloom, the poor thing was blown right off my hand by yet another blast of wind and I never saw where it went.

At least it was safe from being squished, and had warmed up a bit, but I was hoping for a rather better outcome for the poor creature.

Tonight's bike ride home in the storm was terrifying. Never want to have to ride in that kind of wind again.


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  1. Sure you rescued it. Well done. Horrible wasnt it. Seems to have moved on now.

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  2. It is a ittle better here this morning, hope it is with you too and hope the bee survived

  3. I hope too but it looks horribly bedraggled