Monday 10 August 2020

Back on Nature Walking

It's been an hot and incredibly humid day today, so I spent a fair chunk of it just sitting in the garden reading a novel about cool kids in New York, something I've not done for a while.

I waited until some of the head had supposedly gone out of the day - it hadn't - before I took myself out onto streets now lacking the screaming of swifts. I really wanted to find some insects again, I feel acutely aware that this nature blog has been lacking a bit of nature lately. This is probably as I have been lacking a bit, the last two weeks of furlough were mentally very hard.

So I went to the library gardens, and found a very pretty thing to show you. A beautiful mint moth, a species I've not yet been able to get a good photograph of. Apparently their second flight is on the wing from mid July, so the dates are right.

Flutterers are not very evident around here at the moment, with only the white species seen by myself recently apart from a single speckled wood I came across in a wooded area on the Blue Lake today.

The Blue Lake excited a young family today, as a small child threw bread into the lagoon area for the birds, only to see it gobbled up by huge carp. I also spotted a pink plant growing in the water I didn't recognise. Any help on that one would be welcome.

The town is right on the verge of a lockdown here, depending on the results from a mobile testing unit. It's a little scary, although it won't affect me too much as I don't do anything that is liable to be shut down and haven't done so since March.

18 weeks.

But today reminded me of what it was like during lockdown proper, back in March and April, where time spent outside was precious and the town was peaceful. A lot of people miss this apparently, and I can see why.

There was a certainty back in Lockdown that we don't seem to have now.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.08.20


  1. Lovely photos, pretty little moth in the first.

    Our swifts have left too.

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  2. Thank you as ever for your kind words!

  3. Beautiful photographs, and I agree with you about this phase of post-lockdown. I've been shielded until now, and at present am finding it hard to know what to do or not to do... so am keeping social engagements very very limited. Is it a Mint Moth?