Sunday 19 May 2019

Saturday with the Tigers

So today found me playing cricket at our Kelham Road home against the rather fearsome sounding Nottingham Tigers, a largely Asian side formed after a split from Basford Mill, meaning we recognised a fair few of them from last year.

That also meant we knew they would be good as their captain, a pleasant character called Shak, belted a century against us last season. So when we had to bowl first, particularly with me opening the bowling, I thought we were for it as these guys play at a higher Saturday standard than us.

Buuuut...we did well. We opened well, bowled well through the middle and in the death to keep them to 158 all out, with all our bowlers young and...not so young contributing. Even got a wicket myself after yesterday's frustration, using cunning plans far too detailed to go into here. Ahem.

We'll forget the crap fielding where I lot the ball go through my legs. Only cost us one run. Like last year, interesting smoking was also reported.

I always thought that 158 might be a bit beyond us as these guys have some very good and very quick bowlers, but they opted to play fair and turn the heat down a bit. However, on a slow wicket we lost wickets regularly after a decent start, and I ended up going in with the score at 70 odd for 7. Miles to go. What made things worse was that my partner opted to bat with a runner without knowing how to bat with a runner, which meant there were three of us running around like idiots for about 15 minutes until he decided he was better off without.

He then got out next ball to a horror of a shot.

Meanwhile I had actually tried to bat patiently and enjoy it without getting too nervous. I was doing ok roo, me and the captain even managed to slap a few fours, but when we got a little too close to their score the proper fast bowler was brought on, although I managed to survive 6 balls and even hit a single.

Sadly I perished next over when I effectively yorked myself. Our skipper wasn't done yet and he thrashed the quick man for a few more 4s until he was diddled by a slower one. We ended up with about 125 in all I think.

So it was a good game with the wrong result, but a lot of fun!


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  1. You do not show the onlookers are there any? You do so well. Supporters?

  2. A few families come down but mostly gone when we were batting

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