Friday 10 May 2019

Rain in the Process of Ruining Cricket Again

I was feeling optimistic today you know. The temperature became noticeably warmer in the afternoon, we even had the first blue sky for several days and a flock of 20 swifts arrived over work, and spiralled around for a bit.

I even began to feel a slight shiver of optimism that I might actually get a game of cricket tomorrow.

Unfortunately a heavy black cloud the size of Denmark arrived over town, and delivered the heaviest rain shower we've had all week. I looked out the window despondent not only at having to cycle home through this grim weather, but also because I imagined the cricket ground I'm due to be playing at tomorrow getting boggier and boggier.

It's not been cancelled yet, but I imagine it will be tomorrow morning.

OK I suppose I'll be dragging my fat behind for a run.


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  1. Fingers crossed. We have had glorious weather here in NE Scotland. Sun and no wind. Think positive.

  2. Beautiful day here Friday - first dry day of the week. Today showery. Good luck with the cricket.