Sunday 5 May 2019

Another Day when Exhaustion Set in

I managed to be up and about fairly early and made it down to Sconce Park on my bicycle to watch preparation for the Pikes Plunder re-enactment scheduled to take place in the afternoon.

Unfortunately in the afternoon I was struck down by one of those exhausted moments, brought on by a lot of activity the day before and a very active week at work I guess. The afternoon was gone in a flash...wasted away sleeping while the terrible remake of Clash of the Titans played and played on my DVD player.

Ah well, sometimes you need to sleep.

Lovely sunset straight down the road tonight, blazing gold above the traffic lights.


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  1. Sometimes it's wise to give in to what your body's telling you and get a bit of shut-eye.

  2. It has poured with rain today here and I have slept most of the day for some reason.