Sunday 12 May 2019

Return to the Lincoln Grand Prix

The Lincoln Grand Prix is the greatest cycle race on the British domestic scene, contested every year by the best pro, semi pro and amateur riders in the country. You have to be the best, 13 13km circuits including the cobbled climb of Michaelgate that most people can barely walk up, is not for the ordinary.

It's been a few years since I've been, with work and cricket commitments getting in the way, but with the sun in the sky and milder temperatures, it was insane not to go when I had the chance.

I was there for virtually the whole thing, and it was probably the most open and exciting race I've been to, with no breakaway of riders ever really being allowed to get too far away, and the group more or less altogether at the base of the final climb.

It was Tom Stewart of the Canyon DHB team that won, followed by young star in the making Tom Pidcock of Team Wiggins and another Canyon Rider, Andy Tennant, in third, after just under 4 hours of gruelling racing.

Rather randomy, a rider's girfriend messaged me on Instagram out of the blue and asked me how he was getting on, having seen the videos on my IG feed. Another pro-rider, Rory Townsend, liked a few of my photos too, an excellent achievement given he was in the bike race at the time.

Long day for me, 7 hours out of town and I didn't eat a thing!


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  1. Some great photos there. One of my daughters lives near Lincoln so I remember the hills!

  2. Oh so Thats why they were putting up the bunting when I was there 2 weeks ago.
    How the heck do they bike up that hill??!!

  3. I've noticed a few cyclists here use those very narrow wheels. I assume they have some sort of advantage and not just a fashion item. Presumably they weigh less.

  4. Yep John, you go faster! If you're insane that is...