Saturday 11 May 2019

Running on a Cricket Free Saturday

As predicted last night, cricket was indeed rained off, rather annoyingly one of only 4 matches we lost to the terrible weather. Both the first and third teams played, and won, so the day for the club was not lost, it was just me that felt lost.

Thus with a day to kill, I found myself at the park this morning for tea, a hot cup of tea on what was ironically a lovely dry and occasionally quite warm day, warm enough for the odd butterfly to make an appearance.

After a break at home for lunch and a slightly dozey watch of Star Trek First Contact, I went running, first to a flower filled cemetery, and then to the cricket club to run round the ground a few times while the first team played Bottesford.

Sure enough the inspiring sight of me lumbering around the boundary instantly brought about the instant fall of three Bottesford wickets, and indeed in the end our spinner took 7 wickets in the end to bring about a close victory.

My work here is done!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.05.19


  1. So you won in the end and some great photos for us to enjoy.

  2. Lovely day here. Eachday it is getting a bit warmer thank goodness.
    Are those buttercups in your photo? Celandines still out up here!

  3. "Sorry to have to tell you, Simon, but you're dropped for the rest of the season; we need you to run around the boundary"