Monday 27 August 2018

The Taylor-Forbes Memorial Game

No cricket yesterday, but today I played in a club match to honour a couple of gents who were very influential at Newark and Wellow cricket clubs, and from whom a number of players take part in the game, as well as players from other local clubs who knew them.

It is always a popular fixture, one I've never been selected to play in before and so considered it quite an honour to take part in this one. Especially as I was probably the worst player on either side.

The last couple of years the weather has been great  for this fixture, but today it was cold and grey, with a biting wind cutting across the ground. I was playing for the Forbes team, and as we batted first I was able to walk around the ground photographing the cricket and also the bees making the most of the flowering dandelions around the margins. I knew I wouldn't have to bat as we had so many good players.

Alas, not true. The wicket was tricky, and slow bowlers were just rolling along the ground. Our resident Division A bat got a 50, but most others struggled. I know I did. I needed a spade rather  than a bat, and only managed 1 not out.

153 should have been enough, but my first over went for three boundaries and although I got better and removed our first team captain, no-one could quite keep the runs down and we lost with about 5 overs to spare. I fielded well though and winning wasn't the point.

Lunch by the way was excellent, this is why I hate fielding second. Not enough time to digest my food.


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  1. Great photos as always. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Did you have a game of cricket?

  3. Cricket pictures bring a reminder of summer however cold it felt Si and as always I could rely on a few good wildlife photographs.

  4. THank you all, nice to see you are all real people and not that wretched spam account

  5. That photo of the match with church in background reminds me of a famous painting but I can't remember whose.
    Do you do cricket practice through the winter anywhere?

  6. Always good to see photos of your cricket matches. The Common Carder bee photo is beautiful :)