Saturday 11 August 2018

The World's Slowest Gazelle

Probably my final competitive Saturday match of the season, as the 2nd team took on Wollaton 3 on a pitch that having been thundered on the previous day was as tacky as wet clay. Which this being Notts, is what it probably was.

It's the Keuper Marl that is the main geological feature of the area. I know that from working for a loss adjustment company - my god, that was a boring job.

It was a hot day, and we made the bowlers work hard early on, although as a number 11 batsman my main job was to sit in the sun and watch the migrant hawkers on the hunt, and take photographs. A metallic green beetle, possibly a green dock beetle, was very interested in rabbit droppings. Well who isn't? The crab apples are ripening, and the tiny worker bumbles feed  off white clover on the slightly revitalised ground.

However, the bowlers of Wollaton got on top and began to feed off us. We went from 99-3 to 117 all out. I had  to rush off from umpiring in order to change into my kit, all in order to score 3 runs before being given out LBW from a ball that hit me on the thigh and left a red mark on my pocket.

Perhaps a little high lol...

Tea was excellent, and off went went to field. We actually competed very hard, and I actually fielded with great energy, although the comment of "You're a gazelle today!" was either sarcastic or unwarranted. I desperately wanted to take a catch, but nothing came my way. I did get a bowl, and I was ok-ish but too full.

No wickets, sadly. But I did try, we all did. Lost by 4 wickets in the end. We made them work for it.


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