Monday 6 August 2018

"Classic" Car Rally

Before cricket yesterday, I took myself off down the park to have a look at the East Midlands Classic Car Rally. Now when I was a kid, "Classic Cars" were what I envisaged to be those boxy Bugsy Malone type cars with wind up handles and running boards and an animal on the bonnet.

Nowadays, thanks to the  passing of time, a Classic car can now be a design horror like a 1980s Austin Maestro Van den Plas in excrement brown. You'd have maybe taken such a car if it was a prize on 3-2-1 but you wouldn't want to buy one.

However, there were some beautiful MGs, E types and Triumph Spitfires. My stepfather had one of  the latter when I first knew him.

He drove us to Scotland  with me on the non-existent back seat  with my two gerbils.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.08.18


  1. Love classic cars.
    Remember many of them from my youth.
    I had a boyfriend with a bubble car.
    It wasn't a pleasant ride but fun :) Not sure it would be now. Ha!!

  2. I'm not a car person, really - though I do drive of course! Sometimes you'll find me in a corner swearing that the internal combustion engine is the devil's own invention! All the same, nice photos!

  3. Funny how those cars that were common models just disappeared without our noticing - I saw a beautifully restored Hillman Imp the other day and was immediately transported back a few decades!

  4. 800,000 Austin Allegros made, about 800 still running. They didn't last in our climate. Unlike France, where there's still gazillions of 40 year old Renaults and Peugeots gadding about.