Sunday 12 August 2018

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

No proper match today, so instead a couple of teams from my work, myself included, had a 20:20 match between two "all star" (LOL) teams captained by a couple of senior managers.

No-one actually knew when it was due to start - I didn't until 15 minutes beforehand - and my pre match warm up of a cheeseburger was nice, but not ideal. It was a pretty mizzly day too. Although rather muggy later on.

As my side batted first, I decided to umpire properly for the first time ever, and felt it would be only right and proper to dress the part.

Very silly indeed, as it turned out, but it was fun waving my arms around signalling 4s and 6s for a bit. Good job for someone with Tourettes. Although I didn't see the best bit, which was one of my team-mates smashing the ball over the pavilion, and straight through the windscreen of one of our senior manager's car. Ouch.

We knocked up 188, of which I only got 10 or so. Wasn't really counting. However, it was my bowling which was more important. With a lurid orange ball, I kept their best batsman - one of our first team players - so quiet he only scored 3 singles off me. Our other bowlers were good too, and we kept them to 156 for 3 to get the bragging rights.

So I played in one winning side this weekend.


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  1. Seeing that last picture Si I am glad I don't live near a cricket ground.

  2. It's never happened and often the cars are in a far easier spot

  3. All dressed up, but, nowhere to go.

  4. Very dapper! And yikes to the car!