Monday 20 August 2018

Failed Bee Rescue

As ever on a Monday, after my weekend of  cricket, it's been really hard for me to get anything done today. The exhaustion has been like lying with a piano on me, and the close, muggy conditions  have  just made the lethargy worse.

However, I did go for a walk to the park, dear Sconce Park, where I haven't been for a while, it feels like. The River Devon is edged with a thick growth of hairy willow herb, some still in flower and some gone to seed. The flowers are providing a vital food source for pollinators, still plenty of honeybees about and bumbless too.

I also spotted 3 species of dragonfly down by the river - common darter, migrant hawker and brown hawker. August is always their big month, although the common darters will be around for a while yet.

On my drive way when I got home, I found a worn out tree bumblebee. I don't actually have any sugar, crazily, so I tried to revive it with fruit juice. Seemed to be helping at first, but sadly in the end the bee died.

Saddened by this.


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  1. Perhaps it was just it's time to go..

  2. It is that time of year when bees are dying, the end of Summer. I believe males and queens are around at this time and when mating is over the males also die. The queen will carry on the cycle.

    Poor carder bee. I usually lift them to a flower if I see one on the ground.
    Doesn't always help but sometimes it does.