Wednesday 22 August 2018

Love these Firey Looking Plants

Again very tired and short of energy today, but did manage to get out walking on what was a rather hot sticky day again but without much sunshine. Consequently I didn't see any dragons on the wing, and not too many butterflies either apart from a few large whites on the  move and a small white in my little garden.

The Castle Grounds have never been a good place to spot wildlife, largely because they don't seem to plant much that is attractive to pollinators, something the council should sharpen up on because in most other municipal garden areas they don't  do too badly here.

However, the firey looking plants that were parked over at  one corner of the grounds  proved very popular with this pollen dusted bumble. Glad to see it nice and buzzy, as opposed to the poor dying one on my drive the other day.


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  1. I love busy bumble bees and get great pleasure watching them. They won't be around for much longer this year so let's make the most of them.