Thursday 2 August 2018

Last of the Flowering Teasel

Odd sort of  day at work - the embankment that stops unwelcome "visitors" getting onto the grasslands was improved today, resulting in the clearing of a lot of teasel and willowherb. Hopefully this will have already seeded the ground however and there will be a recovery next year.

There's not much left in flower, a bit of hairy willow herb, a few thistles, the pennyroyal - and onesolitary clump of teasel upon which red tailed bumbles were feeding.

The willow herb has seeded into the most amazing fractal like designs, a sort of higher dimensional geometry, a fractal pattern that goes on forever no matter how much  you magnify it.

Nature is maths, and maths is nature.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 02.08.18


  1. I've collected seeds several times but have never managed to get any to grow.

  2. Beautiful Red-tailed bumblebee images, well done Si.

  3. How autumnal everything begins to look Si.

  4. Love the bumble bee pictures and the last photo is great :)

  5. Thank you very much! Enjoyed looking for stuff.